The Leaves

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The vision of The Leaves is that all whom we serve
will experience spiritual growth, regeneration and healing
through the study and practice of Christian Science

The Leaves’ Mission

The Leaves provides skilled Christian Science nursing, progressive residential living, and opportunities for study and renewal in a vibrant atmosphere supporting spiritual healing.

The Leaves’ Values

In all that we do, The Leaves will:

  • Abide by the teachings of Christian Science
  • Uphold the highest standards of ethics and excellence
  • Demonstrate effectiveness and efficiency, and
  • Provide a loving, benevolent and nurturing environment

Christian Science Nursing at The Leaves

All levels of inpatient Christian Science nursing care are offered at The Leaves, from the highest skill level to light or sheltered care. Inpatient services at The Leaves include respite care. Visiting Christian Science nursing is offered as staff is available.

The Leaves also offers outpatient Christian Science nursing care for adults, teens and children, as well as Christian Science nursing care in the home (as staff is available), including mother and infant care.

It is important to note that Christian Science nursing exists for the purpose of providing both spiritual nurturing and completely non-medical nursing care to individuals relying solely on Christian Science treatment:  i. e., to those working for spiritual healing through their own prayer and that of Christian Science practitioners listed in The Christian Science Journal.

Christian Science nurses employed by The Leaves giving the highest skill level of inpatient Christian Science nursing care (and all outpatient and home care) are listed in The Christian Science Journal. They have completed Christian Science nursing training programs typically comprised of both classroom instruction and on job training of three to four years duration. This training includes introductory, basis, advanced and supervisory Christian Science nursing. Christian Science nurses at The Leaves not yet listed in The Christian Science Journal always work under the direct supervision of Christian Science nurses who are so listed.


Progressive Living at The Leaves

Through its assisted and independent Progressive Living Residential Program, The Leaves offers students of Christian Science pleasant accommodations, meals and activities designed to encourage their continued demonstration of spiritual growth, regeneration and healing as they overcome challenges associated with aging and maintain normal interest and vigor in daily living. Single room, studios, and two-room suites (all with private baths) available.

Executive Director:
Craig Johnson
Telephone: (972) 643-3555
E mail:

Director of Christian Science Nursing and Training: 
Kimberly M. Johnson
Telephone: (972) 643-3527
E mail:

Christian Science Nurses Training Offered

Training Contact: Kimberly M. Johnson
Director of Christian Science Nursing Services and Training

Training Mentor: Steve Muiruri

The Leaves is affiliated with the Christian Science Nursing Arts Program. Christian Science nurses employed by The Leaves who are involved in Christian Science Nursing Arts Program training typically take the classroom courses associated with Levels I-IV of their training at Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association in Boston. The duration of the classroom courses are as follows: Level I, four weeks; Level II and III, six weeks; Level IV, five weeks. They then do all of the on job training associated with their classroom training at The Leaves, which is approved by the Christian Science Nursing Arts Program as an On Job Training Site for Levels I-IV. The duration of on job training is as follows: Level I, six weeks; Levels II and III, nine to twelve months; Level IV, seven to ten months.

The Leaves, Inc.

Accredited by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc.

Member, Association of Organizations for Christian Science Nursing, Inc. (AOCSN)

Federally Certified as a Religious Non-medical Health Care Institution Medicare Provider

A Not for Profit, Tax Exempt 501 (c) (3) Organization

Accredited by The Commission


Contact Information

1230 West Spring Valley Rd
Richardson, TX 75080-7709

Phone: (972) 231-4864
Phone: (800) 880-4864
Fax: (972) 643-3500

Services Offered

  •  Inpatient Care
  •  Outpatient Care
  •  Rest & Study/Spiritual Renewal
  •  Residential
  •  Visiting Christian Science Nurse
  •  Medicare