Le Verger


Le Verger
Chemin de la Prairie 7
Rolle 1180, Switzerland

Le Verger is a place where all may come who want to put into practice the healing
power of the Christ, as taught by Jesus, then demonstrated and explained by
Mary Baker Eddy.

Le Verger offers its guests a calm and welcoming haven where they will find an
atmosphere conducive to the study of Christian Science.

All may come here who choose to rely only on the Science of Christ for healing.


What is Offered
Le Verger offers assistance from Christian Science Nurses in three different ways:
-during a stay at Le Verger while you pray for healing resulting the application
of Christian Science.
-as an ambulant patient: you can come to Le Verger to receive specific care.
-in your home, where a Christian Sciencenurse will be happy to come to you if needed.

The nurse recognizes that it is God who cares for man and the nurse offers to help
in accordance with the principles of Christian Science.


Stays for Rest and Study
Le Verger is happy to welcome those who wish to withdraw from outside pressures
for a few days of study and prayer, or who wish to combine study and prayer
with rest and relaxation.

The facility also welcomes those who would like to experience its peaceful
atmosphere for a few hours or for a day.

Le Verger also welcomes a few persons as long term residents who wish to make
use of their stay to deepen their understanding of what unites them with God.
Please do not hesitate to inquire about this possibility.

Executive Director and Director of Christian Science Nursing:
Audrey Sentinella
Email: direction@leverger.ch

Christian Science Nurses’ Training at Le Verger:
Training and mentoring is given on a one-to-one basis (one instructor one student).

Le Verger offers 3 levels of training: “Basic”, “Advanced” and “Extended”.

The duration of each course and mentoring is flexible, and adjusted to the individual needs of the student.

Our courses and mentoring can be given in-house at Le Verger, or in the field.
We offer training in: English, German, French and Portuguese.

For more information please contact Audrey Sentinella.

Le Verger provides Christian Science Nurses Training throughout the world and has to date trained students in Brazil, Australia, USA, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria, Canada, and the UK, as well as in Germany and Switzerland.

Accredited by The Commission


Contact Information

Chemin de la Prairie 7
Rolle 1180, Switzerland, 

Phone: +41 (0) 21 822 0126

Services Offered

  •  Inpatient Care
  •  Outpatient Care