About Glenmont Founded in 1931, Glenmont is one of the oldest and largest Christian Science nursing facilities in the world. Originally located in a mansion on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, Glenmont has occupied its current modern, light-filled facility since 1987. Glenmont’s mission is to exemplify the healing ministry of Christian Science as articulated in the Church Manual and in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. We are dedicated to:

  • Serving all those whom God sends to us to be served;
  • Supporting Christian Science healing through spiritual regeneration and radical reliance on God;
  • Loving our patients and staff wholly, with Christly affection, thereby fostering a spirit of home and Christian community;
  • Encouraging each Christian Sciencenurse to express his or her Christian Science nurse ministry in direct relation with God;
  • Providing excellence in patient care

Glenmont is a Medicare/Medicaid provider and a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Please click here for more information about our services and rates.

Lydia Manfreda:

Director of Christian Science Nursing:
Helvi Paasinen:

Christian Science Nurses Training at Glenmont,   
Education Program at Glenmont

The Healing Ministry of Christian Science Nursing

* Dates may be adjusted according to the needs of the students in the education program.

Each education experience is solidly based on “academics of the right sort,”  “observation, invention, study, and original thought.” (Science and Health 195:19)

Intro — What Every Christian Scientist Should Know About Christian Science Nursing — A six-day retreat. Members of the Christian Science community join with Christian Science nurse trainees to explore Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan and the Church Manual by-law for the Christian Science nurse. With our Pastor as the foundation, attendees sing, laugh, pray, have fun, and share principles and practical tips which enable them to demonstrate how nursing themselves and each other fulfills their duty to God, our Leader, and to mankind. 
I — Basic Christian Science Nursing – a six week course. Begins with the Intro class described above; Christian Science nursing ethics, standards, skills and care options while giving assistive care and light bed care; care of patient’s environment; nourishment; communication; basic cleansing, covering and bandaging; supportive response to those experiencing immediate care needs. 
II — Intermediate Christian Science Nursing – a five week course. A review and deepening study of Christian Science nursing ethics, skills, care standards and care options while giving care in bed; intermediate cleansing, covering and bandaging; support for those experiencing immediate care needs; mental needs support; deepening of communication ethics and skills and assessment skills. 
III — Advanced Christian Science Nursing – a five week course. A review of Christian Science nursing ethics, standards, & skills; giving care to those with wounds and to those experiencing immediate needs; intro to giving care to children; enrichment for communication and assessment skills.
IV — Leadership & Communication – a five week course. A grand review of Christian Science nursing ethics, standards, & skills; and care options; instruction and mentoring; management; supervision; workshop facilitation and presentation.
IV+ Infinite Mother Class – a one day workshop; Infant and mother care.
V — Christian Science Nursing at Camp – a two or three week course. Direct instruction, workshops, and in-ministry-shepherding, mentoring & instruction; caring for children, teens & adults with immediate or on-going care needs; review of cleansing, covering, & bandaging, ethics, standards, skills & care options. On site at The Cedars Camps in Lebanon, Missouri.

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Phone: (614) 876-0084

Services Offered

  •  Inpatient Care
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  •  Rest & Study/Spiritual Renewal
  •  Medicare
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