Christian Science Nursing Education

Where can I go to get Christian Science nurses training?

Introductory courses are offered by most of our member organizations. Some organizations provide advanced training as well. You’ll find a list of organizations with training programs on the right. Click on the calendar to find out what classes are scheduled in coming months. Please note: some facilities schedule classes as they’re needed, so don’t let the calendar limit you. A class may be forming near you.  You just need to contact the facility directly to find out.

What can I expect when I take a Christian Science nursing course?

Expect to be challenged, to feel cherished, and to grow. At each level of training, you will learn skills that enable you to meet your patients’ needs for comfort, nourishment, activity/mobility, rest, connection/communication and cleanliness competently and within a ethical framework that is based on the theology of Christian Science.

Courses at any given level are usually divided into two parts. A classroom portion (that generally includes practical work as well): when skills needed in the sickroom – appropriate to your level of competence – are introduced and demonstrated. During the practical segment, you work directly with patients under the supervision of your instructor(s). A paid internship: when you work along with other Christian Science nurses and have direct responsibility for patients – appropriate to your level of competence — under the supervision of Journal-listed Christian Science nurses.

Many organizations offer internships to students who take the classroom portion of the training elsewhere.

What are the benefits of training at a Christian Science nursing facility?

Facilities are able to offer students a variety of patient/mentoring experiences which enable thorough preparation and practice. Another benefit is the camaraderie of working with a group of committed Christian Scientists – Christian Science nurses, patients and administrative staff – whose focus is witnessing the healing power of the Christ