Arden Wood

Arden Wood’s mission is to support healing through skillful Christian Science nursing care and training, inspired living, and Christly service. In support of our mission, Arden Wood provides 24-hour Christian Science nursing care 365 days a year.  This includes both inpatient and outpatient care in our facility, and a strong Christian Science Visiting Nurse Service that provides temporary care for individuals in the home, the office, or anywhere there is a need.  Arden Wood is fully accredited by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc. (The Commission), and strives to maintain the highest standards of Christian Science nursing care.
Arden Wood offers The Christian Science Nursing Arts Training program for individuals who feel “called” to the ministry of Christian Science nursing. The complete program consists of four courses, and each course begins with a comprehensive classroom session.  Classroom sessions provide in-depth study of the principles, ethics, and practical skills necessary to ensure excellent Christian Science nursing care.
Arden Wood provides classroom instruction for the first course, CSNA I, and individuals from other facilities are welcome to apply.  All CSNA II, III and IV classes are taught at Chestnut Hill.  After each classroom session, Christian Science nurses in training work side-by-side with Christian Science nurses listed in The Christian Science Journal, who provide substantial mentoring, assessment, and support as the students practice their skills in the “sick room.”  This training is an employee benefit for our Christian Science nursing staff.
Arden Wood’s Independent Living program is a key component of its mission. Arden Wood is home to a number of seasoned Christian Scientists, who continue to be devoted to serving the Cause of Christian Science. Gracious residential apartments with lovely window views are available to rent. Delicious and balanced meals, weekly housekeeping services, beautiful gardens, woodland pathways, fully-equipped libraries, metaphysical talks, Bible classes, hymn sings, and wonderfully attentive and supportive staff make Arden Wood living unique and enjoyable.
Arden Wood’s Rest and Study program offers Christian Scientists a quiet haven for spiritual rejuvenation. Arden Wood is known worldwide as a place to come to refresh thought and delve further into the study of Christian Science, unencumbered by daily activities or interruptions.
Our staff works diligently to provide an atmosphere of support and a sense of home for each of our patients, residents, and guests. We would love to have you visit Arden Wood at any time! Please call or email us for more information about any of our services or programs.
Executive Director:  John Mitchell

Director of Residential Services: Candace Mann

Director of Christian Science Nursing and Sheltered Care: Lesleah L. De Frisco

Director of Christian Science Visiting Nurse Service: Lesleah L. De Frisco

Director of Christian Science Nurses Training: Paula J. Steffens
Phone: 415-379-2220

Course Name: Start Date: Classroom Portion Length:

CSNA I: Intro Christian Science Nursing Arts - Call for schedule - 4 wks

Arden Wood provides mentoring for students at all levels of the Christian Science Nursing Arts. Those ready for levels II, III and IV training attend classes at the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association in Chestnut Hill, MA, and return to Arden Wood for the mentoring segments. For more information on our training program, please visit our website:

Accredited by The Commission


Contact Information

445 Wawona Street
San Francisco, CA 94116-3058

Phone: (415) 681-5500

Services Offered

  •  Inpatient Care
  •  Outpatient Care
  •  Residential
  •  Visiting Christian Science Nurse
  •  Medicare